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Stunning Pieces of Cryptocurrency-themed Art

Art has always been used as a way to describe and depict revolutions, so it’s no surprise that artists are choosing the themes associated with blockchain technology as inspiration for art that is relevant in the modern climate. Bitcoin of course has its origins in the disillusionment and anger caused by the 2008 financial crisis […]

Entering the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Making an Initial Purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be purchased in many ways but the majority of purchases and trades today occur on centralized exchanges. Entering the cryptocurrency ecosystem can be a little confusing. Once you have changed (fiat) cash into cryptocurrency, however, it becomes much easier to transfer from one currency to another. […]

The Basics of Blockchain Technology and Token Sales

With over half a trillion dollars now invested in more than a thousand cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, everyone should have a least a basic understanding of the mechanics of what many are calling the web 3.0.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

One of the first big applications of blockchain technology is the ICO or “Token Sale,” which is a new way to raise capital that is disrupting traditional fundraising methods.  With ICOs suddenly outpacing traditional venture capital funding by raising almost $4 billion in 2017, startups and investors around the world are taking note.