Bind Digital Content to Physical Art

VooGlue is a SaaS fintech company that is revolutionizing the fine art ecosystem. Our point-and-deliver multimedia and instant buying facilities elevate fine art exhibition appreciation and boost engagement while preserving the authenticity of information for each artwork for life. We serve both B2B and B2B2C markets, aimed at the sizable 30% of the population who are fine art enthusiasts, and the artists, galleries and owners nodes of the fine art supply chain.

Our innovative products and genres break down barriers to engagement and expand the market into new demographics. In accordance with our long history associated with blockchain, we are soon introducing art securitization with digital products bound to physical fine art, along with an online trading platform to broaden accessibility.

Our vision is to transform the way people discover, buy, and sell fine art, and to create new opportunities for artists and investors. VooGlue’s vision is to revolutionise the fine art ecosystem.

If you’re a VC interested in investing in a company that is disrupting the fine art industry, join us on our mission to revolutionize the fine art ecosystem.