VooGlue’s Token Pre-Sale Begins

VooGlue Cryptocurrency


VooGlue is now conducting a pre-sale for its token generation event in order to raise funds to develop its new art ecosystem for the blockchain era. This is your chance to be an early contributor to the VooGlue project by directly investing in VGC tokens.


What is the VGC Token?

The VooGlue Token is listed as VGC and adheres to so-called “ERC-20” token standards. The ERC-20 standard establishes a common set of rules for tokens issued via Ethereum smart contracts. It currently serves as the basis for the majority of tokens that have been released through token generation events, often called initial coin offerings (ICOs).


By defining a common set of rules for ethereum-based tokens to adhere to, the ERC-20 standard allows developers of wallets, exchanges and other smart contracts, to know in advance how any new token will behave. This is the main reason VooGlue has chosen the ERC-20 standard.


VGC acts as the fuel for the VooGlue art ecosystem, facilitating the efficient buying and selling of art and granting access to the other features of the platform such as the “glued” digital multimedia counterparts, and affiliate marketing opportunities.


This is explained in detail in the VooGlue whitepaper.

How to Participate in VooGlue’s Token-Sale?

Once you get cryptocurrency into the crypto-ecosystem, you can quickly and easily use it to buy VooGlue’s token.

Please visit our token sale page and follow the instructions. You can purchase with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cash using PayPal, credit card, and by bank transfer.

The pre-sale is behind held from January 19th to March 20th.

The public sale of VGC tokens is set to begin on March 21st and run for three months.

VooGlue’s Token Sale Structure

  • The pre-sale is behind held from January 19th to 20th March 2018 (at midnight GMT) or until fully subscribed.
  • The public-sale of VGC tokens is set to begin on March 21st and run for three months.
  • Total amount of tokens available: 36,000,000 VGC
  • Price: 1 Ethereum = 500 VGC
  • Personal Limit: Individual purchases are limited to 1% of total offering.


Bonus Structure

Volume Bonus

  • Any investment of over 5000 VGC receives an extra 10% bonus on top of any bonus shown below. (pay for 5000, receive 5500)

Timing Bonus – “first come best dressed”

  • First 1 million VGC sold attract an 80% bonus (pay for 1000, receive 1800 )
  • Second 1 million VGC sold attract a 70% bonus (pay for 1000, receive 1700)
  • Third 1 million VGC sold attract a 60% bonus (pay for 1000, receive 1600)
  • Fourth 1 million VGC sold attract a 50% bonus (pay for 1000, receive 1500)
  • Fifth 1 million VGC sold attract a 40% bonus (pay for 1000, receive 1400)
  • Sixth 1 million VGC sold attract a 30% bonus (pay for 1000, receive 1300)


Other Important Details

  • There are bounty opportunities during the pre-sale and public ICO. Details can be found here.
  • Pre-sale funds are employed immediately for business development & ICO marketing.
  • ICO funds are held in escrow.
  • VGC tokens migrate to full Dapp token managing business rules after ICO, and tokens are placed for open trading on exchanges.