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NFT’s – Missing The Real Thing ?

Creative Bloq’s Senior News Editor, Daniel Piper, sums up hs recent visit to an NFT exhibition – where the artworks were all on ‘screens’ … the exhibition also highlighted the limitations of NFTs. Looking at 10 identical monitors didn’t help to allay the impression of looking at a series of files rather than the artworks […]

Facebook Policy

It seems Facebook has a history of doing this to other people. You can read in Lee Cambells post from 2 years back and there are more of similar nature in the link. Not much has changed it appears, since our experience follows roughly the same path. https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community/question/?id=855298754602330   In early April 2018 Facebook deleted […]

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Announcing Another VooGlue Site

VooGlue has a New Site opened this week. The Rosary exhibition space in Dalkeith, Perth now has a selection of VooGlue artworks on permanent display, where visitors can use VooGlue to view the artwork videos and purchase the right from their mobile device.   As VooGlue content is added it will show on the VooGlue […]

VooGlue App Coding Well Underway

VooGlue App Is Super Versatile   The VooGlue App has an easy ‘Add’ button so that users anywhere can add content. Of course we have checks and balances in place, see our whitepaper for some details. Even thought the prototype web app is being adopted by users already, the mobile app will make VooGlue’s existing […]


VooGlue Presents At Cryto Secrets Forum

Wow, a great audience at Ben Smith Aden Michielsen Crypto Secrets forum in Perth where Tania Pickering and Brian Hopkins presented VooGlue’s exciting venture. VooGlue was asked to present its white paper, and speak about the journey. Hundreds of people attended the three day forum which covered a huge swathe of content. What a great […]


VooGlue Big Picture

  They said “We love the VooGlue big picture,  just go for it”.   So we did.   Announcing the bringing forward of VooGlues heralded diversification. Brought forward on the advice of several heavy-weight crypto tycoons, this diversification was always VooGlue’s ultimate destination. It was mentioned in our original white paper, but only the arts […]