VooGlue Presents At Cryto Secrets Forum


Wow, a great audience at Ben Smith Aden Michielsen Crypto Secrets forum in Perth where Tania Pickering and Brian Hopkins presented VooGlue’s exciting venture.

VooGlue was asked to present its white paper, and speak about the journey. Hundreds of people attended the three day forum which covered a huge swathe of content. What a great event, well Ben & Team.


VooGlue Big Picture



They said “We love the VooGlue big picture,  just go for it”.


So we did.


Announcing the bringing forward of VooGlues heralded diversification. Brought forward on the advice of several heavy-weight crypto tycoons, this diversification was always VooGlue’s ultimate destination. It was mentioned in our original white paper, but only the arts use-case was detailed. Now we have brought the big picture front and centre, because…..


VooGlue Sticks Video To Anything


It’s true, and we always have done this, but now we have brought this big picture to the fore. The VooGlue software was always designed for anything, its application to the art space was simply one ‘use case’ we chose to develop. See our updated white paper for detail on our re-messaging, an excerpt of which is below.


“VooGlue connects video and products with images of objects and scenes in the real world.


It is a patented, free, slim, light mobile application and a platform with blockchain enabled features.


Just make a scan (for example, a photo) of any real-world scene, attach a video, and this video will automatically play when someone scans the same scene. VooGlue captures the scene, and then permanently “glues” your video to this real scene. VooGlue glues products in the same way.


Many sectors are ready for this disruption. Think no more faded description plaques at tourist attractions; just point your phone at the scene and the video description will play for you. Think no more waiting for the shop attendant to arrive; just scan the product, perhaps an antique, and get the full video description with an option to tap the button to buy. The attendant will get an alert and arrive. Think fun videos of your squad in the local cafe permanently attached to a photo of some part of the cafe. Every time you visit, you can scan the location and watch the memory. The applications are endless, and we have a lucrative business case.”


Now it is easy.


To the future. The VooGlue Team.