What Can We Expect from VooGlue in the Near Future?

Amazing things. First keep an eye on our social media platforms and our VooGlue web platform VooGlue.com for new art creations in the VooGlue style. A group of collaborators in the art, music and film spaces will be creating innovative new art pieces on the platform using our web app to WOW us all. At the end of the ICO we will be launching our mobile app, which will allow fast and easy access to all VooGlue facilities for anyone in the arts ecosystem. Remember, VGC token owners will receive the mobile app first. Look out for enhancements to our platform that will allow our mobile app to fingerprint sculptures and installations and add augmented reality to the digital experience. Increasingly you will see VooGlue art pieces in museums and galleries around the world as we roll out the platform. Later the VooGlue API will allow every gallery and museum globally to easily integrate the VooGlue mobile app into their existing websites and business model.