Your VooGlue tokens are in your ETH wallet.

If your token balance is not showing on our dashboard you can look at your ETH address tokens using


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Or you can view your balance in your ETH wallet following your wallets instructions. The instructions for MetaMask wallet can be found here.


We listened to user feedback requesting a more user friendly dashboard and we created it.

If you had previously registered at our legacy dashboard you can still log in there and use it if you wish. You can find our legacy dashboard here 

Our new dashboard is more user friendly and includes more options for payment. It is here: New VooGlue Dashboard

Some things to note

  • New dashboard and legacy dashboard are not linked, they are totally separate. Your pre-existing token balances may not show in new dashboard, but you can find them in etherscan. See FAQ item ‘where are my tokens for instructions.
  • Referral programs are separate. Use the new dashboard for the new enhanced referral program were the people you refer also get a bonus reward. See the pop up in the new dashboard for more details.
  • The VGC Tokens are the same type of tokens no matter if you purchased them in the new dashboard or the legacy dashboard.



Amazing things. First keep an eye on our social media platforms and our VooGlue web platform for new art creations in the VooGlue style. A group of collaborators in the art, music and film spaces, including street artists will be creating innovative new art pieces and products on the platform using our web app to WOW us all.


At the end of the ICO we will be launching our full mobile app, which will allow easy fast access to all VooGlue facilities for anyone in the arts ecosystem.  VGC token owners will receive the mobile app first.


Anybody with an art product will be able to add it to the platform and sell it. Users will be purchasing art and products with the VooGlue App using VGC tokens. This is a large market, 32 Billion in annual art sales. The market size is in the Trillions when all the art products like art prints and apparel are included.


Increasingly you will see VooGlue in use in galleries, street art, art museums and art studios  around the world as we roll out the marketing. The VooGlue API will allow every commercial user globally to easily integrate the VooGlue mobile app into their existing websites and business model.


Your phone is now a cash register. Users at art exhibitions using VooGlue to view art have a ‘buy’ button right there floating near the artwork on their screen. A purchase is one tap away. The video they are watching helps sell the artwork. The user no longer has to go looking around for the curator to make a purchase, there is no more clumsy payment processes, or the curator fumbling for the red dot. VooGlue fingerprinting brings the purchase of physical art to mobile, which means that art customers have an easier, faster, better buying experience, so that vendors sell more art! Because VooGlue is an enabler the fee to vendors for use is very low. Who will use VooGlue? The better question is who will not? What artist / gallery / exhibitor will not want to sell more art to a wider audience?


In the future look out for enhancements to our platform that will allow our mobile app to fingerprint sculptures and installations and add augmented reality to the digital experience. Our technology is transferable. So for the really big picture think beyond art to any products that would benefit from digital fingerprinting, an in app explainer video, and fast and easy tap to buy.


We start with Art, we build a strong audience for our vibrant utility token, then we diversify.



Yes, our token is used to increase the ease of transactions in art for all stakeholders in the arts ecosystem, which ultimately means most people on the planet. This is because the VooGlue token is made for all who enjoy in the beauty of art and related products, and that is everyone, right?

VooGlue has an easy ‘point, tap and buy’ front end to make purchasing easy, which is what users want, and what vendors want. Anyone in the art and related products ecosystem can leverage VooGlue.  Furthermore by adding digital media to physical art, VooGlue expands expands the market for art and art products. As sculpture and instillation art is added to our capabilities the utility of our token will continue to expand.

The purpose of our pre-sale is to confirm the community interest in our project and raise the funds for our marketing campaign. This model will allow us to avoid traditional venture capital funding, and obtain the leverage before launching our token sale.

MetaMask is one of the easiest wallets to use as it is a simple plugin for your chrome browser. MyEtherWallet is an excellent choice, and we recommend hardware wallets such as Trezor as well.  Some other great options include Mist and Parity. As long as the wallet supports ERC20 tokens, users can store VGC in it. Some simple instructions for setting up a MetaMask wallet are here.


After you purchase VGC tokens go to Etherscan, add your ETH wallet ID to the search bar, the view under the ‘Token Transfers’ tab. You will see the deposit of your ERC20 (VGC) tokens in the list. To view VGC tokens in your wallet follow these simple instructions to view them in your MetaMask wallet.  For other wallets follow their FAQ.


Usually your tokens will show in your wallet within an hour, however it may take 24 hours for your tokens to show because of network load, but if they still don’t show after 24 hours contact support.

VGC is a utility token for an ecosystem with over 32 Billion in annual sales, and that is before we consider sales of prints, tee shirts, and other art related items.

Crypto enthusiasts are buying VGC tokens because of the excellent prospects for this utility token, and that is in part  because VGC token has a very broad user base.  The audience for VGC tokens extends beyond crypto enthusiasts. And not even just artists, gallery and museum owners, art investors, musicians, filmmakers, art students and art lovers. Its anybody who buys something with art printed on it, a poster, a tee shirt with a street art print. As we grow they will all be using VGC to make easy purchases of art products in the app. So the audience is everybody.

People who are art investors are buying VooGlue tokens now, so they are set up for making great purchases of high end original art works later.

Artists, gallery owners, museum owners, musicians filmmakers and art students who are looking to lead the new wave in art creation are buying VooGlue tokens now, because then they will be the first to receive the mobile VooGlue app and they can get a head start.

People who are looking to more easily promote their art related products, expand their audience, market and style are buying VooGlue tokens now so they can immediately leverage the community surrounding VooGlue and get their art business freely promoted via the built-in marketing facilities.

Everyone will be able use the VooGlue mobile app to scan art and related items right after the ICO. Plus its free.

Right now people are using the VooGlue prototype web app, which has all the core functionality with videos and easy point and tap to buy‘ enabled. Yes! that is already built and functioning.

It is on our business web platform at Selected artists, galleries, musicians, filmmakers are using the  platform right now to add their innovative works. (If you would like participate in that program please email  The platform includes the prototype web app for exhibitions, and users are scanning artworks and watching the videos digital counterparts, and are buying the artworks now. Yes this is already open. We have a fully functional web based platform and mobile app with digital counterparts and easy ‘point and tap to buy’ right now!

After the ICO the VooGlue mobile app will be released ready for our global rollout plan!

A live version of the platform is available now for art lovers and selected artists, musicians and filmmakers at The VooGlue mobile app will be released to token holders soon after the end of the ICO. An upgraded platform will be released at the same time. The VooGlue API which allows any existing online gallery to integrate the VooGlue mobile app into their business will be released afew months after the end of the ICO.

The minimum amount VooGlue need to raise during token sale is 5000 ETH. Which represents approximately 3.5 million USD taking discounts into consideration. If the amount raised is lower when the token sale is over, the funds will be returned to the owners and the project will be considered unsuccessful.

Yes, it will. The VooGlue token will be first listed on selected exchanges such as EtherDelta and we will go on to be listed on all the biggest exchanges in the industry.

The goal of this utility token sale is to create a broad holding of VGC tokens. VGC tokens will reduce transaction costs, increase efficiency, and expand the market. The token sale allows VooGlue to further develop our platform and continue to revolutionize the art world for both creators and admirers. New forms of art will be created and consumed on mobile integrated with physical galleries and museums, easily marketed through affiliate links, easily purchased in-app, with all parties in the transaction immediately paid at reduced transaction costs.

During the token sale, 1 ETH will be equal to 500 VGC. The price of VooGlue token during the presale and first stages of token sale will have up to 90% bonus as announced in our Whitepaper.

The pre-sale will take place from January 19th to March 20th, and ICO will be held from March 21st to June 21st.

VooGlue Coin (VGC) can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) or normal cash at bank deposit. Login in to your token dashboard from 19th January to see these options.