Exchange Listing

Don’t rush to sell your tokens. It is vital there is demand side action prior to us listing on the exchange, so we will NOT list on exchanges until we have the app set up to create the demand side activity. If this pushes out the exchange listing date to 2019, then that is what we will do.


And when we list we don’t want people to be in a rush to sell tokens. HOLD.

Listing on exchanges is currently anticipated as per the timeline, HOWEVER, token holders should HOLD for 2 to 5 years before exchanging their tokens to allow the business to rollout.


In this business HOLD is the way to maximize your return. By now you will know that VooGlue is a well-run business with a good team and a great project. We have a 5 years rollout plan. So for a better return on your token no need to sell at all. Hold for 2-5 years and get maximum return.

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