Who would want to buy and hold this token?

VGC is a utility token for an ecosystem with over 32 Billion in annual sales, and that is before we consider sales of prints, tee shirts, and other art related items.

Crypto enthusiasts are buying VGC tokens because of the excellent prospects for this utility token, and that is in part  because VGC token has a very broad user base.  The audience for VGC tokens extends beyond crypto enthusiasts. And not even just artists, gallery and museum owners, art investors, musicians, filmmakers, art students and art lovers. Its anybody who buys something with art printed on it, a poster, a tee shirt with a street art print. As we grow they will all be using VGC to make easy purchases of art products in the app. So the audience is everybody.

People who are art investors are buying VooGlue tokens now, so they are set up for making great purchases of high end original art works later.

Artists, gallery owners, museum owners, musicians filmmakers and art students who are looking to lead the new wave in art creation are buying VooGlue tokens now, because then they will be the first to receive the mobile VooGlue app and they can get a head start.

People who are looking to more easily promote their art related products, expand their audience, market and style are buying VooGlue tokens now so they can immediately leverage the community surrounding VooGlue and get their art business freely promoted via the built-in marketing facilities.

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