Who can use this platform?

Everyone will be able use the VooGlue mobile app to scan art and related items right after the ICO. Plus its free.

Right now people are using the VooGlue prototype web app, which has all the core functionality with videos and easy point and tap to buy‘ enabled. Yes! that is already built and functioning.

It is on our business web platform at VooGlue.com. Selected artists, galleries, musicians, filmmakers are using the VooGlue.com  platform right now to add their innovative works. (If you would like participate in that program please email pr@vooglue.io).  The VooGlue.com platform includes the prototype web app for exhibitions, and users are scanning artworks and watching the videos digital counterparts, and are buying the artworks now. Yes this is already open. We have a fully functional web based platform and mobile app with digital counterparts and easy ‘point and tap to buy’ right now!

After the ICO the VooGlue mobile app will be released ready for our global rollout plan!

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