How do I store my VooGlue Coin?

MetaMask is one of the easiest wallets to use as it is a simple plugin for your chrome browser. MyEtherWallet is an excellent choice, and we recommend hardware wallets such as Trezor as well.  Some other great options include Mist and Parity. As long as the wallet supports ERC20 tokens, users can store VGC in it. Some simple instructions for setting up a MetaMask wallet are here.


After you purchase VGC tokens go to Etherscan, add your ETH wallet ID to the search bar, the view under the ‘Token Transfers’ tab. You will see the deposit of your ERC20 (VGC) tokens in the list. To view VGC tokens in your wallet follow these simple instructions to view them in your MetaMask wallet.  For other wallets follow their FAQ.


Usually your tokens will show in your wallet within an hour, however it may take 24 hours for your tokens to show because of network load, but if they still don’t show after 24 hours contact support.

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